If you want to scale your eCommerce brand's email & lifecycle marketing, you need a framework that's proven to work. The "Four Levels" is that framework, and you can access it now for free...

What Are The Four Levels?

At FlowCandy we've worked with hundreds of eCommerce stores to help increase their email marketing revenue, build out flows and optimimize cutomer journeys. However these clients would keep asking us "OK, what should I do next?"

The “Four Levels” framework is our answer to that question.


Level 1 brands have laid the foundational basics, allowing them to scale their business through email marketing.


Level 2 brands have systematized their email and lifecycle marketing to consistently generate revenue, with daily income from both email and SMS.


Level 3 brands are optimized with testing, advanced flows, elevated campaigns, granular segmentation and new mediums like direct mail & loyalty.


Level 4 brands excel in omni-channel lifecycle marketing, prioritize customer experience, and can manage the channels workflow efficiently.

Why The Four Levels Works?

The Four Levels Framework allows you to focus on exactly what you need right now to grow.

It answers that nagging question of

"What should I do next?"

It's the fastest way to go from stuggling with email & lifecycle marketing to having a highly converting channel, that increases your stores LTV, with beautifully designed emails and runs completely on autopilot.

... Plus we've tested this system on hundreds of leading eCommerce brands!

Get Started With The Four Levels Framework...

The Four Levels Framework is a detailed guide that provides checklists, an accompanying eBook, and video training guide on how to level up your brands lifecycle marketing.



Download our Four Levels Assessment checklist to see exactly what level your brand is and what could be holding you back!

Four Levels


Dive deeper with our accompanying eBook. Expertly crafted to complement our checklist and offer even more insight.

Four Levels

Video Guide

Join FlowCandy co-founders Brian Becker and Will Evans as they guide you through scaling with the Four Levels Framework.